Cate Kopkey

Choral Coach

Ministry Coordinator

Atonement Lutheran Church

Green Bay, WI

Hi! My name is Cate Kopkey, and I am thrilled to be part of the Wisconsin Ambassadors of Music choir as the alto coach and accompanist! Though my music education days are behind me, I always look forward to this chance to get back to my roots and make music with students once again. With a B.A. in Music and Organizational Leadership from UW Stevens Point and UW Green Bay, and Minors in Vocal Performance and Servant Leadership, I found myself on the path to a career change into ministry and currently serve as a pastoral associate in Green Bay while I complete a dual Master of Divinity and Master of Transformational Leadership. My primary instruments of study aside from voice include piano, baritone, and double bass. 

I reside in Luxemburg where I also serve as an underpaid (aka unpaid) taxi driver to my four children while I attempt to keep up with their busy arts, school, and sports lives. I suffer from a severe case of Wanderlust and love to travel and explore, whether it be Europe, local camping trips, or much to my husband's dismay, my deep love of going to all places Disney. As my schedule allows, I still find time to accompany students at UW Green Bay and sing wherever and whenever I can. Naturally, a significant amount of my time is spent in faith settings, coaching worship leaders through modern worship experiences, consulting with praise teams and navigating inclusivity through prison ministry and counseling.

I can't wait for this next WAM tour, not just because I miss the cheese, croissants and fabulous colleagues (though that is certainly true), but I cherish watching each student's understanding of the world expand as we travel together, being ambassadors of this universal language of music! Each trip I discover something new and fascinating... like this photo, where I have found, carved in the dungeon of Chillon Castle (one of my favorite stops!), a long-lost relative! Or someone who just shares my maiden name.